The Adventures of Bill Emerson

Often when working with clients, a special bond or rapport develops through the various of hours of discussing their living space and life. While working with the Emerson’s, we discovered Bill’s  experiences as a pilot in the US Navy during WWII.  With his permission, we wanted to share two of his stories from August 1944 and November 1944.

The first story begins as Bill wakes to be sent on an air strike on a small island west of Hawaii. Upon disengaging from the air strike, Emerson’s engine starts to malfunction making a crash landing eminent. This is only the first 2 pages as the story continues aboard the U.S.S. Shark. You can read the full story here.

The second story describes a kamakazi mission in November of 1944, which can be found here.

Enjoy these great adventures as much as we have getting to know Bill and hearing about his service to our country.