Yankee Family Kitchen

Local business owner finds that remodel made for quality family time

Yankee Kitchen

Yankee Kitchen

Recently Jessie Yankee sat down for an interview about her family’s experience with Kerry Bramon Remodeling and Design. Jessie Yankee is a local business owner who recently sold her business, EasyPC IT & Computer Repair, to another local IT service provider, Midwest Computech. Below is what she had to say about her KBRD kitchen remodel.

Jessie sat down with our marketing department to share her experience working with Kerry Bramon Remodeling and Design.
Jessie sat down with our marketing department to share her experience working with Kerry Bramon Remodeling and Design.
 How did you choose KBRD for your project?

After a couple of interviews, we felt very comfortable with the team. We loved the fact that KBRD had an on-staff designer, Angela. This gave us a sense of security about the project and a direction for the design. 


What about your previous kitchen didn’t work for your family?

The previous kitchen was closed to other rooms in the house, which left one person alone during meal prep while the rest of the family enjoyed the living room. The divided floorplan made for a divided family when interacting with each other. We wanted a large open area so we could all be in the same room during meal preparation and family time.


Tell me about the design and building process with KBRD?

The process went smooth and quickly in terms of having visuals and using Houzz to discern likes and dislikes. I found the use of technology very helpful. One of the most important aspects was the step-by-step assistance of guiding us through every part of the design and building process.


How did the project transition go for your family regarding construction and building while living in the house?

We have a small kitchenette downstairs where we were able to have kitchen functionality.  Additionally, we intentionally planned the project 

over summer so we would be on vacation and doing summer activities during the bulk of the build.


Have you previously used another remodeler and if so how is KBRD different?

No, We had gotten bids for other projects, but after meeting with Kerry and Angela, we felt very at ease with hiring them for our project. The constant communication with KBRD was reassuring that the project was running smoothly.


As the former owner of a tech business, how did your business services relate to remodeling and design of physical structures?


Just as a home ages and eventually needs updating, business networks also require remodeling and updating! When you update your IT environment, you are essentially remodeling your structure to make it more user friendly and efficient, just as our kitchen project made our home.



With the help of KBRD, the Yankee family was able to improve one of the busiest and most important parts of their family home. The renovation makes for a more comfortable and continuous flow to the kitchen and family room. 


Thanks to Jessie Yankee for taking the time to talk about her remodel.