Home Remodelers Survival Guide: #1 What Makes a Successful Project?

Everyone will probably have their own definition, but for the sake of this guide our definition of a successful project is one where:
 1.ALL of your expectations are properly set and either met or exceeded.
 2.You are left feeling very satisfied with the final results and it added real value to your home.
 3.The quality of work is exceptional and enduring.
 4.You felt comfortable with the workers that worked in your home.
 5. Your home was kept clean, and your family, pets, and possessions were kept safe.
 6.Your job was completed on Budget.
 7. Your job was completed on Schedule.
 8. Problems were solved as a team in a fair and timely manner.
 9. Changes were addressed in a fair and timely manner.
10. Completion list andWarranty items were addressed in a fair and timely manner.
If all of these criteria met would you feel completely satisfied? Of course, you would! This not only is in your best interest for obvious reasons but it’s also in the contractor’s best interest because of satisfied clients are many times more likely to come back to buy again AND refer other people. Getting lots of referrals is what every smart contractor wants!
Everything from this point forward will be written with this definition in mind. But before we can consider ensuring the success of your project, I will try to dispel some of the most common misconceptions many people have about the remodeling business. The following section details the most common misconceptions that I believe get people into the most trouble. Let’s take a look at them now.