Ultimately, any company is judged by its values. Kerry Bramon has spent a career thinking about–and putting into practice–a set of values that he believes are necessary to not only survive as a business, but to earn his customers’ respect.


Kerry Bramon has a simple approach to building trust. “We keep our promises,” he says, “But to earn the trust of our customer, there is a certain way to go about it. We have to communicate with them at every step of the project, from the first time they walk in the office to the day we clean up the finished project. Trust is born from listening and follow-through. Communicate well. Satisfaction–and trust–follow.”


Kerry Bramon believes that quality is a result of good planning. His experience has taught him that each customer brings their own idea of quality and satisfaction. Bramon’s team works hard–through good planning and communication–to deliver not just the highest quality work, but work that meets your expectations. “Quality is a result of perfecting things by refining along the way,” says Kerry.


From the initial meeting with Kerry Bramon through completion of the project, your budget is the central point of planning and execution. The design and build team will listen to your objectives for the project and help you find what remodeling solutions fit your ideas and budget. “We want to talk about budget every time we visit with a client,” says Kerry. “If we communicate and listen, there will be no surprises.”


Planning and organization are an emphasis point for the Kerry team. Because the Bramon team is a full-service design and build crew, logistics are handled in-house and clearly communicated among team members. Kerry is quick to remind his workers of the Five Ps: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. The team makes a written schedule and works hard to implement it.


When you commit to a project with Kerry Bramon Remodeling and Design, you will receive concise, timely and easy-to-understand billing. Your billing cycle will be set in increments that reflect progress of the job.

Change Orders

Every remodeling project is an evolutionary process. While communication and planning are an essential part of the Bramon team’s approach to construction, inevitably, some projects veer from the initial plan. Kerry Bramon Remodeling and Design will work with you to make sure the project evolves to satisfy your expectations and budget.


Kerry has two terms to meet clients’ expectations for work-site cleanliness: overprotect and over-clean. That means your home and its contents will be protected as much as possible from worksite dust and wear and tear. Each day ends with the site being cleaned to your expectations.

Safety & Security

A client’s home and possessions are top priority. The Bramon team will keep keys secure and be sure that the home is properly secure, locking windows, doors and other points of access. Job-site maintenance is a daily consideration with waterproofing and other temporary weatherizing performed at the end of each work day. Kerry Bramon Remodeling & Design leaves the worksite safe for you, your children and pets.


You are in control. But, the Bramon team is here to help. With an impressive amount of collective experience for both the design and build aspects of a project, Kerry and his crew can show you what is possible within a universe of budgets, such as examples of completed projects that fit your budget. The team’s command of available materials, building styles and custom design is at your disposal. One-on-one advice from in-house designer Angela Holloway will help you through what can seem like overwhelming choices to be considered for a remodeling project. In fact, through her experience and expertise, Angela will often show clients remodeling options that they hadn’t considered–and really like.


For Kerry Bramon, communication is the gateway to a successful project–for his company and you. He believes that good communication can bring the best out of every facet of a project–from the home owner’s vision, to the work crew and the house itself. Detailed and deliberate conversations about what is possible for the home’s structure and your budget help shape a project from the beginning. Bramon says that a successful project is only successful if everyone is working toward the same goal–and that takes communication.


Great things begin with a good plan. Through his years of experience, Kerry Bramon has developed a detailed planning technique that addresses your needs as well as the realities of designing and construction. Kerry says there is a simple axiom to good planning: “Think ahead.”


Kerry Bramon Remodeling and Design provides a two-year warranty. Kerry’s approach to guaranteeing work is to deal with reputable vendors and manufacturers. The team works hard to procure high quality materials. And, most importantly, Kerry believes that the best investment for a builder is to hire high-quality workers.