How We Work With You

Kerry Bramon Remodeling and Design’s fully integrated design-and-build team brings order and coherence to what might seem like an overwhelming undertaking. The team uses a time-proven method to help guide you through a remodeling job from general budget work to specifics like countertop materials.

When you commit to build with Kerry Bramon Remodeling and Design, you’re joining a team that has experience doing the very kind of project you have in mind. From Kerry’s more than 30 years of experience as a builder and business owner, to in-house designer Angela Holloway’s 20 years experience and production manager Danny Kingsley’s 15 years with the company, the team brings the wisdom of many completed jobs. And, most importantly, from the beginning of the project to its completion, they’ll consider you a critical part of their team.

Kerry Bramon has been in the building business long enough to know that the real foundation of any project is communication. Kerry says, ”When I look at a project, I see three parts to the team. There are the homeowners. We have to get to know that family. We have to understand their needs and wants. A second part of the team, even if it sounds odd, is the house. We have to understand the house structure and its character. And, finally, there is the Bramon design and build team. Put these three parts of the team together, and we can make coherent order out of all the pieces of a project–which includes problem solving, budget and the design process.”

Over the years, he and his team have refined a process to help clients through the many facets of a remodeling project. Your vision and input drive the process. It begins with a fact-gathering meeting.

During that meeting, the Bramon team will explain the company’s approach. Team members will visit with you about what you want from the project and what you plan to budget for the work. They will take notes on the existing structure along with photos and general measurements. From this information, the team will help you focus on what design options fit best with the existing structure and your budget range.

Kerry and his team understand that every design and build project has the potential to evolve as it progresses. That’s why Kerry stresses the importance of communication. His team will listen to you every step of the way.

What can seem the most delicate part of a remodeling project is a matter-of-fact consideration for the Kerry Bramon team. The team designs and builds for a wide range of budgets. Whether it is updating a bathroom or a multi-room, full-house renovation, Kerry Bramon will work with you and within your budget.

The important consideration is clearly communicating the possibilities the design and build team can deliver with your budget in mind. The Bramon team’s broad range of experience in remodeling has taught them how to make the most out of each project.

The Purpose of Design/Build

Kerry Bramon Remodeling and Design brings you the advantage of a full-service, in-house designer. Our designer, Angela Holloway, joined the team in 1994. Her time with the company has proven proven that creative and insightful design is the foundation of a successful remodeling project. Angela’s training and understanding of form and function will open your eyes to more possibilities than you had considered as you decided it was time to remodel.

“My goal has always been to employ my design skill with our clients’ ideas about their project, and make both those things fit the budget we have to work with,” says Angela.

Angela is one of the first Bramon employees to meet a customer. Her input and guidance help shape the project from the beginning and is a critical component to everyone’s expectations and satisfaction with the job.

The Definition of Design/Build

As a Design/Build remodeler, Kerry Bramon Remodeling and Design is a single team of professionals working together to create your custom design, work through the budget process, plan and organize your project–and build it.

While it may seem practical to get bids from an architect, builder, interior designer and various suppliers and subcontractors, Kerry Bramon eliminates headaches and mistakes by providing all those services under one roof. The results are a beautiful remodel of your home delivered with a professional, low-stress, satisfying process.

Project Categories

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Basement
  • Dining rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Outdoor projects
  • Additions
  • Attics
  • Accessibility/Aging in Place: Angela is a Certified Aglng-ln-Place Specialist (CAPS). This designation indicates specialized training in design and remodeling of homes to make it possible, and much more comfortable, to remain in one’s home throughout one’s maturing years, safely and comfortably, regardless of age or ability level. Kerry and Angela both have extensive experience in design/build projects for handicapped accessibility, such as modifications to kitchens and bathrooms to make them wheel-chair accessible.
  • Closets
  • Master Suites